Is it ok for parents to drive their kids to school in pajamas?

By on May 8, 2018

I asked a few moms in the office about dropping off their kids to school in pajamas.  Some said they NEVER EVER had done that while some said that they have.  I know I am guilty of having driven my kids to school in pajamas, however, I didn’t have to get out of the car.  One of my friends told me she never has because she’s afraid of that one day she might get pulled over or have to get out of the car for whatever reason and wished she had changed before leaving the house! I gambled on those odds a few times and luckily I made it home without having to get out.  I decided to look up some stories about parents dropping their kids off in pajamas and I stumbled upon an article explaining how one school sent a letter to parents asking them to dress better when dropping off their kids.  These parents were actually on campus in their pajamas!! OMG!  Really?  YES REALLY!  They were attending school assemblies in pajamas!!  They totally took it to another level.

Another article mentioned that it didn’t matter what a parent wore.  Who cares if you’re wearing a clown suit just as long as your child is at school on time!  So many differing opinions.  I say get your child to school on time and try and do it in appropriate attire if you are getting out of the car.  What do you think? or .

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