Our Pets!

By Hope Bidegainberry on January 22, 2018

Meet Nick, Kristen, Teri,  Freska, and Sue’s pets!

Nick’s Cat: Gilligan

Gilligan is my “little buddy” from Ohio. He found me when he was a kitten by begging for food at my door and then never left.

Kristen’s Cat: Killer

Killer is a thirteen year old Tortie and she lives up to her name. She’s sassy and fussy but once you earn her trust, the most affectionate and loyal cat.

Kristen’s Cat: Calie

Calie is an eight year old, long haired Calico. She’s absolutely beautiful but not the sharpest tool in the shed. She spends her days asking for belly rubs and hiding from her brother and sister.

Teri’s Dog: Buster

Buster the Pug is our precious little 5 year old snuggle muffin.  When he’s not barking at the birds outside or stealing tortilla chips from the coffee table bowl, he’s fast asleep on as much of our lap as he can fit.

Freska’s Dog: Jada Hazel Blue

This is 4 year old Jada Hazel Blue my gentle pitbull rescue from the San Francisco SPCA. She is amazing with everyone and kids of all ages and is very loving and cuddly.

Sue’s Dog: Miss Missy Maple

This is Miss Missy Maple. AKA Missy. She is a 15 month old chocolate field lab. Like most labs, she has never met any food she doesn’t like! She keeps busy with her doggie toys, like Mr. Duck you see in this picture.  You can also see the chunk of dry wall she chewed behind her. Ahhh  puppies. She is very social and loves her trips to the doggie park!

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