Owner Can’t Help Laughing When Siri Understands Dog’s “Hello”

By Hope Bidegainberry on July 7, 2020

There is so much technology in this world today. Siri, is a virtual assistant device and it uses voice queries combined with a natural language. You ask Siri a question and within seconds you’d have an answer.

On occasions, Siri surprises you by doing things it’s not supposed to do.

It sounds as though this Husky is saying “Hello mum.” He’s also talking directly to Siri….and Siri actually responds to the dog…


After the dog talk you hear Siri say, “I didn’t catch that. Could you try again?” So the dog obliges. He again talks with his owner adding the caption, “Are you deaf.” Since Siri didn’t answer, this dog lets out what sounds just like the word “Hello” to which he gets a response. “Hi there, how can I help?”

Watch the full video HERE.

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