Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA rescues kitten

By Hope Bidegainberry on June 24, 2021

A kitten who was clinging to life on a freeway sign elevated high over an overpass near the San Francisco Airport was rescued by Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA (PHS/SPCA). The daring rescue occurred on June 10, 2021, at the busy Interstate 380 connector linking I-280 at San Bruno with U.S. 101.

“We received a frantic phone call from an airport worker who saw and heard a kitten stranded at the concrete base of the sign on the 380 connector overpass,” said PHS/SPCA Communications Manager Buffy Martin Tarbox. “The kitten was trapped on the ledge which was at least 50 feet above the ground. She was unable to climb up to the freeway, but even if the kitten was able to, she would have found herself directly in the dangerous and fast paced traffic. The person who called us said the kitten was crying out for help.”

A PHS/SPCA rescue staff member quickly arrived on scene and spotted the kitten, understanding instantly the danger this cat was in and that she needed assistance immediately. Using a sturdy net, PHS/SPCA staff member braced himself against the freeway barrier and swooped the net down towards the stranded kitten.

“Our Animal Rescue & Control staff was so worried the kitten would become scared of the net and jump from the base to the road below,” said Tarbox. “Had she jumped, she would not have survived the impact since she was so high up. Our staff member was able to safely capture the kitten with the net, narrowly avoiding a tragic ending.”

The kitten was brought to PHS/SPCA for evaluation and safe keeping. She was determined to be a female and approximately two to three months old. Other than being dirty and hungry, she was found to be healthy. The kitten had no identification, and no one came forward to claim her. PHS/SPCA has now made the kitten available for adoption.

“We have no idea how the kitten ended up in her perilous situation or how long she had been stuck on the concrete base of the sign,” according to Tarbox. “Thankfully someone noticed her and called us, and we were able to save her life.”

PHS/SPCA named the kitten Gwyneth which means “fortunate and blessed.” Gwyneth is a three-month-old, spayed female with Calico coloring. She is microchipped and vaccinated. Her adoption fee is $120.

People interested in meeting Gwyneth can call PHS/SPCA t 650-340-7022.

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