People Are Getting Plastic Surgery To Look Like SnapChat Filters

By 965koit on August 6, 2018

All of the social media apps are using “filters” that can make you look like a princess, or a dog or rabbit or even a vampire. Some people prefer the way that some of these filters make them look and have decided to take steps to change their appearance.

There is something that Boston University doctors are calling “Snapchat Dysmorphia” where people are seeking plastic surgeons who will make them look like their snapchat filters. Including bigger lips, smaller noses and bigger eyes. Basically they want to look like a cartoon character because that’s what the filters do to you. The doctors say this is a problem because the filters represent a look that is unobtainable.

No matter how much you want to look like a cute little bunny rabbit, just use the filter on all of your pictures. That is WAY cheaper and much less painful.

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