Pet Of The Week: Macaroni

By Hope Bidegainberry on July 16, 2020

You can call him Macaroni or Mac for short, but perhaps the name that suits him best is: Perfect.  This six-year-old neutered male grey and white Pit Bull is indeed the epitome of perfection. Affectionate, calm, polite…. what more could you ask for in a dog? Macaroni excels at performing all the basic behavior commands and enjoys long wandering walks with his beloved humans. He weighs 65 pounds, but Macaroni is convinced he’s a lap dog and is eager to smother you in kisses.  Seeking a debonair gentleman who will coo sweet nothings in your ear?  Ask for Macaroni ID# A877473.

Please call Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA at 650-340-7022 to schedule an appointment to meet Macaroni.

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