Pet Owners: Help Keep Animals Safe on July 4th

By Hope Bidegainberry on June 27, 2019
Dog muzzle jack russell terrier against the sky with colored fireworks. Safety of pets during fireworks concept

Pet owners take precautions during the upcoming July 4th celebrations.

Here are some tips to help keep pets safe and secure.

Many shelters across the nation receive numerous animals at their facility, especially dogs who become frightened by the sounds and sights associated with 4th of July fireworks and celebrations.  Dogs can become so scared they break through fences and gates fleeing their yards, become lost and are brought into our shelter as strays.  They arrive scared and often with minor injuries such as cuts on their paws.  Some simple tips can help prevent these tragedies from happening.

  • Don’t take pets to fireworks displays.
  • While at home, keep pets inside a room in the house and make sure blinds or drapes are drawn.  Leave a TV, radio or fan on to drown out the fireworks noise.
  •  Make sure pets have current identification and/or a microchip.  This permanent form of identification — implanted just under the animal’s skin — will insure the animal can be identified even if their collar is missing. 
  •  If you know from past experiences that your pet will have severe anxiety caused by fireworks, talk to your veterinarian about giving your pet a mild tranquilizer.

By following these simple tips, pet owners can help keep their pets safe and out of harm’s way.

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