Pets In Need: Gil

By Hope Bidegainberry on November 28, 2017

Gil impresses us to no end. Allow us to list just a few of his amazing attributes.

  1. He’s outgoing. He loves to make friends with both humans and other dogs, and he’s always down for new experiences.
  2. He’s very polite. If he wants to make friends with a dog who is more reserved and isn’t in the mood to play, Gil will calmly and willingly sit next to that dog.
  3. He’s an expert on leash. Gil doesn’t wander off and will always match your pace.
  4. He’s ready for new adventures. With his small size and impeccable manners, Gil is the perfect companion to take wherever you go.

One year old Gil is simply one of those dogs who you just have to meet. Come for a visit to learn more about him!

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