Pets Of The Week: Max & Ruby

By Hope Bidegainberry on April 29, 2021

This week we are a presenting a twofer of absolute adorableness! Meet bonded Fancy Mice duo Max and Ruby. This delicate pair will have you uttering sweet squeals of delight every time you see them. Max and Ruby are both one year old female Fancy Mice and since they are bonded, they must be adopted together. They truly are beguiling with their maple-colored fur and teeny tiny pink feet. Just because they are Fancy Mice doesn’t mean they are posh, although they might appreciate a Downton Abbey marathon with their new family since they are very social and like to be held. Max and Ruby are also super fond of nibbling on leafy greens and a weekly treat of fruit. These tiny ladies are ideal for people seeking quiet animal companions since they are well…quiet as a mouse. Ready to double the rodent fun in your life? Ask for Max and Ruby ID#’s A892769 & A892770!

Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA is open for adoptions by appointment. Please call 650-340-7022 to schedule an appointment to meet Max and Ruby. For more information, please visit

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