Reacting To My Home Under Attack

By 965koit on October 2, 2017

I had an unsually late night last night because I was DJ’ing a wedding in Sacramento and I didn’t end up getting home until 10:55. Exhausted I laid down in bed and immediately got an alert on my phone that I nearly ignored, but I ended up checking out of curiousity. To my shock it told me that my home town of Las Vegas had suffered a mass shooting. I immediately jumped on social media to see if any of my friends were at the concert and if they were ok. Las Vegas is my home, I spent most of my child and adult life there and thats where my mom and brother still live. I could picture the streets around the area that was under attack because I spent so much time walking them in my younger years. 

I have no idea how to react to what I’m seeing on the news and reading on my social media pages. Luckily none of my friends and family have been injured that I know of at this point but I know that other families aren’t as lucky. The fact that the guy who did all this was a local Las Vegas makes it harder to deal with. It’s not some abstract terrorist group over seas that wants to see all Americans suffer, it’s one of our own. A neighbor that you may have passed in the grocery store or stood behind at the bank. How can anyone be prepared for this? What can we do to prevent things like this from happening in the future? You can’t and nothing. Unfortunately you can’t be prepared for everything that could go wrong in life and you can’t do anything to prevent against the lengths some one will go to hurt people. 

So what do we do next? For me, I’m going to find a way to help. If thats donating money or blood then that’s what I’m going to give what I can. Then I’m going to live my life just the way I have been living. This will not change me and I hope it won’t change you either. The city of Las Vegas is an amazing community and I know they will come together and help the victims of this tragedy with anything that they may need. #PrayForVegas.

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