San Francisco Comic-Con Was Awesome!

By 965koit on September 5, 2017

Depsite a heatwave that broke a few long standing records in the Bay, we journeyed outside so that we could attend San Francisco Comic-Con. This is second year that San Francisco has had a comic-con and I was really impressed with how much there was to do there. From panels to costume contests and celebrity Q&A’s for almost every guest that attended this year. We went for a little bit on Friday to get a feel for the lay out and do some exploring on the exhibit floor. Artist alley was pretty incredible with the many different styles that were showcased. I bought a bookmark that has a cat dressed as Superman on it. It’s amazing. Plus there was an oldschool arcade, production style costumes, toys, comics, clothing and even  mystery boxes stacked to the ceiling. That was just the first floor.

The second floor was where all the panels and contests happened. We attended a Q&A with Summer Glau, who was very pregnant, but really sweet and interesting. One of our favorite things to do at Comic-Con is checking out the costume contests. When you walk around you usually see a few people dressed in their elaborate outfits but when you go the contest, they come to you. I wish I had the patience to create a costume like some of the ones that were shown off during the contest. 

Overall we had a blast. We’re a couple of old people so we didn’t attend any of the late night stuff that was offered but a lot of it seemed really cool and I wish my body wasn’t so tired all the time. Thats what happens when it’s trained to wake up at 3am every day. If you have never attended a comic-con before then I highly recommend checking it out next year. It’s a cool environment to be in, especially when there is something that you have a passion for. No matter what it is, someone else at the con shares the same passion for it too. Fat Jedi didn’t make an appearance this year because it was 10000 degrees in the city but maybe next year. 


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