By on December 12, 2017

Some say you have to experience Santa Con at least once in your life, preferably in your 20’s!!  Every one of my friends that have gone have said it was really fun but probably won’t do it again.  There are exceptions though because of a few of my friends do it every year.  EVERYONE that attends has to be dressed like Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, or an elf…you get the idea. Also, in San Francisco it becomes a pub crawl not sure if that stands true for other cities.

A friend of mine named Jen said she did have a good time but went with some friends that couldn’t handle their alcohol and that is always a drag no matter how you are dressed.  She also mentioned that you have to be OK with crowds and know there will be drunken madness, after all it IS a pub crawl.  I suppose you can skip out on that part if you wanted to.

Another friend named Fred had this to say:

“I went with a friend and he and his sis go every year. They invited me to go. They had a large group of people which was fun because I am a social person. We started in Chinatown at some bar that I never new about. That is one good thing about the crawl. Exploring the city finding places you didn’t know about. Each bar had its own drink special. As time went on some places became crowed. That doesn’t bother me however. As the night went on some venues had a Dj and dancing as well.”

Whether you are like Jen or like Fred it seems like it is something fun to do at least one time in your life If the pub crawl becomes too much then at least you have photos of you with thousands of other Santa’s and that looks pretty cool then you can just go home!!


Photo credit:  Santa Con attendee Hope B.!  Thank you for the photos!!

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