A San Lorenzo High School Needs Your Help!

By 965koit on March 19, 2019

Growing up music was such a huge part of my life. Not only did I always want to be a DJ and be on the radio playing music, I also participated in the music programs at my school for 6 years. I played the Viola (like a violin) for 6 years and I loved it! So when I hear about schools removing their music programs it really affects me because it was such an important part of my schooling. It was the point of the day that I looked forward to the most and it made school really enjoyable for me.

Arroyo High School in San Lorenzo still has a music program but like many others out there it is incredibly underfunded. The instruments that the kids are playing on are over 20 years old and some of them have been there since the school opened in 1955. Obviously being so old and used so long they are starting to fall apart. The only way the program can raise money is by doing fundraisers because the district doesn’t provide any funding. But you can help!

One of the music instructors has decided to go out on a limb and create a gofundme account to try and raise enough money to buy new instruments for the kids. He says these kids deserve to play on instruments that aren’t destroyed. They have a goal of $25,000 and you can help them reach their goal by donating what you can HERE and by sharing this blog with your friends! Seriously, anything helps.

Thank you in advance! And just for reading here is a picture of me in high school with my instrument.

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