Sanctuary Is Looking For Pen Pals To Write Letters To Farm Animals

By Hope Bidegainberry on June 4, 2020
close up of cute pink pig in wooden farm with black eyes looking in camera

This animal sanctuary is offering a really cool opportunity for kids to become pen pals with some of their animal residents. This program helps to connect kids with adorable animals such as pigs, goats, and cows.

The kids choose from a list of animals and then write them a letter. They will receive a letter back from the animal pen pal of their choice, along with a photo of the animal.

This sanctuary needed to get creative on how they could reach children and teach them about animal compassion and kindness after shelter-in-place happened. 


The animals have already received almost 50 letters in just one week.

The website also has a virtual guided tour where kids can get to visit the more than 200 animals at the sanctuary.

If you are interested in writing to one of the animals, you can send a letter to P.O. Box 171, Sultan, WA 98294. But be sure to include your name and age.


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