Save $$$ By Deleting These 3 Apps NOW!

By 965koit on December 21, 2018
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Money comes and goes almost faster than I can blink from my bank account. The rush of “Yay Payday!” is quickly beaten down by the flood of “Time to pay bills!” Occasionally I’ll have a little extra money in my account, which of course makes me nervous because it makes me wonder about what I forgot to pay that month. After I realize that I can actually spend the money, it’s always on something dumb or that I didn’t need but thought I did. Hopefully I’m not alone in this.

To prevent this from happening to us there are 3 apps that experts recommend we delete from our phones immediately.

  1. Your favorite food delivery app – Are you the kind of person who gets home, puts on comfy clothes and then doesn’t go anywhere the rest of the night? Me too. Thats why I end up spending so much money on Grubhub or Postmates. I always forget to take something out of the freezer to defrost for dinner so the quick and easy solution is using an app to deliver food. But with the fee for the delivery and the tip most of the time I pay more than the food I’m ordering costs. So my $8 meal from Mcdonald’s become $22 and I justify it because I’m lazy and already in my comfy clothes.
  2. Amazon – I love this app! It’s such a good thing to check out when I’m bored in bed and I can’t sleep. Which is why it’s a huge problem to have on my phone. It’s so easy and convenient that I buy stuff all the time just because I’m up late at night and I think a gold suit is a great idea for a video. Experts recommend getting rid of the phone app because it is so easy but they don’t want you to stop shopping. But in Amazon’s case its best to shop on your computer or laptop instead of on your phone that is right there in your pocket at all times.
  3. You’re Favorite Game. – I play 3 games on my phone EVERY DAY and they all have those “in-app purchase” options available. For a couple bucks I can accomplish what’s going to take 2 days without buying that special character pack! So $5 here and $2 there adds up REALLY fast. Then suddenly you’re checking your account online and see a ton of tiny charges and you’re broke. Every day I have to convince myself that I don’t need to buy that pack of coins so I can level up faster, some days I win and some days I lose the battle.


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