SAVE Your Marriage! Do The Dishes.

By 965koit on April 6, 2018

Are you and your significant other constantly fighting about the chores in the house? Do they get overly upset when you forget to take out the trash or clean out the litter box? According to a new study there is a line for most women who do the majortiy of the house chores. They lose it when you don’t do the dishes.

The study from Utah showed that when the woman of the house does the majority of the chores, especially the gross ones like cleaning the toilets and doing the laundry. The one chore that breaks them is doing the dishes. No one LIKES doing the dishes, so if you just do them for your spouse then you can save your marriage.

They found that those spouses that chipped in and did the dishes specifically were much happier. They even showed that the couple argues less, are more stable and even have better sex! If thats not what you are looking for in a relationship though, keep letting them do everything.

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