Say Good-bye To Conversation Hearts

By 965koit on January 24, 2019
Conversation heart background, great for Valentine’s Day projects

When you think of Valentine’s day you can’t help but think of those little hearts with words on them. Back in elementary school there were 2 things I looked forward to the most, getting a card from my crush and then eating 3 boxes of conversation hearts while crying in the bathroom because the first thing didn’t happen. Kids today won’t get to experience this for themselves because

1. I don’t think they are allowed to give out cards anymore (too many kids like me taking up all the bathroom stalls) &  2. The conversation hearts are no more.

For the first time since 1901 those little chalky ice breakers won’t be making their appearance during the holiday. (Why are we even bothering celebrating Valentine’s day?! Who is going to call me CUTIE PIE?) 

If you remember last year Necco, the company that makes the hearts, went out of business. The company that bought the rights to the conversation hearts wasn’t able to get production going in time for this years holiday. They are saying that this will be the only year without them because they should have them ready to go in 2020.

This will forever be known as the year of candy silence and I’ll tell baby Lilly how love died with no so much as a BE MINE or a KISS ME.


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