Should moms take a “mom-cation”?

By 965koit on October 1, 2019

When I was in college, I dated this guy whose mom would go to Hawaii for a week every summer by herself.

She left her two kids, and her husband at home and went all by herself.

I thought that was so strange, but now that I’m a mom and have mom friends, I’m starting to see that a lot of parents are doing this.

Do you take a “mom-cation”? This is where you leave your job, house, kids, and partner for a weekend or even a week and go somewhere by yourself to recharge.

A friend of mine just did this and said goodbye on social media. She said that she was going on a full internet blackout while on her mom-cation and would be back in a week. Even the woman that cuts my hair goes on a mom’s weekend once a year. She books a room at a fancy hotel and hides away from the world for a full 48-hours.

Kristen and Lilly on the beach. (Photo Credit: Kristen Flowers)

With so many people doing this, I’ve asked myself if I want to do something similar, and right now, I don’t think I do. I have no problems or judgment against those that do, but for me, it’s almost more stressful being away. I know that I’ve left everything for Nick to figure out, which I know can be overwhelming. I just know me, and I would be in the hotel checking all the nanny cameras to see if Lilly is going to bed at the right time if Nick gave the cat’s medicine, and to check to see if the house was on fire yet.

I would also miss Nick and Lilly.

Kristen and Lilly selfie. (Photo Credit: Kristen Flowers)

I think my idea of the perfect mom-cation would be 3-4 hours at a day spa followed by a little lunch by myself. I’m good with an afternoon off to refresh myself, but I don’t think I could do a whole week. I especially couldn’t head to Hawaii by myself knowing that Nick is elbow deep in dirty diapers.

Do you take a mom-cation? Should I try it? Leave me a message in the Facebook comments!

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