Is Your Significant Other Above Average In These Categories?

By 965koit on September 10, 2018

There was a new survey that asked couples to rate their significant others in 10 different categories and give them a grade from A-F. You can see how your partner compares to the average below. Here are the 10 categories with the surveys average score next to it. How does your partner hold up?


  1. Makes an effort with your family and parents? B-
  2. Romance? C+
  3. Spontaneity? C
  4. Listening Skills? C+
  5. Sense of Humor? B-
  6. Cleanliness? B
  7. Sex Life? B
  8. Foreplay? B-
  9. Patience? C+
  10. Taste in movies & TV shows? B- 

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