Skittles Are All The SAME FLAVOR!

By 965koit on January 19, 2018

Everything you thought you knew about Skittles was wrong! First, why did you know so much about Skittles? That’s a pretty weird thing to know a lot about. Second, did you know that all of the different colors on the Skittle rainbow are all the same flavor? Well they are. The only thing different is the smell.

All the Skittle makers do is give the yellow ones a lemon smell and your body sees the color, smells the lemon and tells your mind that you are eating something lemon flavored. Your body and Skittles has been betraying you for years and you didn’t even know it. So if you ever wondered what the colors of the rainbow actually taste like, the answer is: the same as everything else.

They do it because its cheaper to scent something lemon flavored than to make all different flavors. What’s next? All Starbursts are actually lemon falvored and we didn’t know?!

(Original Story from BroBible)

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