Star Wars Luxury Furniture Will Put A Chokehold On Your Wallet!

By 965koit on June 21, 2019

With the popularity of nerd culture, this is the BEST time to be a nerd. It was only like 10 years ago that the word NERD meant something bad but now WE RULE THE WORLD! As proof, a designer has released luxury Star Wars furniture that is amazing! The problem is that much like Tatooine and Coruscant, the prices are out of this world.

The designers name is Kenneth Cobonpue and his furniture is for the very wealthy adult that wants to live like he’s from Canto Bight. There is a Tie-Fighter chair that looks like the iconic space craft that will cost you about $2,700. Or you can get a Vader armchair that looks like his helmet for $4,320. If you want to feel like you are ruling over the galaxy then you can sit in the Sidious Easy Armchair for only $2,525.

But of all the pieces, my favorite is the Jedi lamp. If Kristen would let me take some money out of our savings…and a payday loan or 2 then I could totally afford it. But of course she wants to kill all my unreasonable dreams. The lamp looks like a crown of Jedi’s battling against a Sith lord and their lightsabers are your lights. It’s only $1,345 so I don’t know why she is being so frugal.

Maybe I can convince her to let me buy cheaper versions of these and decorate the house? Probably not.

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