Starbucks Is Launching a New Tie-Dye Frappuccino

By Hope Bidegainberry on July 2, 2019
Iced coffee in a plastic glass with yellow straw on a blurred bokeh background. Plastic glass of refreshing cold coffee with a water droplets.

 It’s been a little while since Starbucks launched a new Frappuccino that was tailor-made for Instagram photos but tasted like death.  That wait is now over.

According to some credible leaked reports, Starbucks is rolling out something called the TIE-DYE FRAPPUCCINO on the 10th, which is a week from Wednesday.

From the pictures, it looks like it’s a mix of red, blue, and yellow swirls in the cup.  And there’s some kind of red, yellow, and blue powder on top of the whipped cream.

One Instagram account that leaked a photo says, quote, “I’m assuming it’s going to be a vanilla bean frapp and maybe some kind of sour topping” . . . but they’re not sure what the flavors will be.

And you know who’s NOT looking forward to it?  The Starbucks employees.  These special Frappuccinos take a ton of time to make and wind up being a huge hassle.

One employee told “Business Insider”, quote, “It looks like it’s going to be the Unicorn Frappuccino all over again, which the company said they wouldn’t do because of [our] feedback . . . they don’t give a damn about us.” 

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