By on February 8, 2018

I would have to say I receive at least 1-3 of these annoying calls a day.  The spammers are getting smarter by using numbers with the same area code and prefix as our cell phone so we think it is someone local calling when in fact it is a robot.  I have signed up to be on the DO NOT CALL LIST but I don’t think it has helped at all.  I have downloaded apps to my phone like Truecaller and RoboKiller and it helps to either not let the call go through at all or alert me that is a telemarketer so I just terminate the call.  There have been times where my Robokiller would answer the scammers or telemarketers and the app records it so you can hear it later.  The Robokiller answer bots are pretty funny.  It answers and says hello and tries to get the telemarketers to speak to MY Robokiller robot.  One Robokiller answer bot is a guy coughing really bad while another is a guy just saying hello and going along with a “conversation” lol!  I included it below.  It isn’t one of the best ones I have.  If I can find the good one I’ll upload that one too! lol.

Try and see if your mobile service has spam blocking capability for you or download an app that may help reduce the frequency of these annoying calls.  Also below is a link with tips from the FTC too!

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