Stray Kitten Sneaks Into A Pizza Shop Looking For A New Home

By Hope Bidegainberry on June 30, 2020

This little feline snuck into a pizza shop where she adopted a new life for herself. This tiny kitten used her charm to capture the heart of the chef.

This kitten made her way through the pizza shop to the back of the kitchen where she found her new owner. She immediately began asking for attention and eventually he had to give in.

Once he knew this kitten wasn’t going to leave, it was all over. He lifted her onto his shoulder and the kitten nuzzled in his neck.

He asked around the neighborhood, but soon it became apparent that she had no owner and no one had come forward to claim the kitten.

The chef tried to find the cat a home, but she was not interested in having any other home except for his. He accepted this fact and now he has this perfect kitten. 

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