Taco Bell Adding Alcohol and Removing Drive-Thru’s

By 965koit on September 21, 2017

When you think of Taco Bell you most likely imagine pulling up in the drive thru and ordering a couple of Doritos’ Locos Tacos for the road. Don’t expect to be able to do that for long. In the next couple of years Taco Bell will be opening 300 brand new stores with a new approach to their brand. They want to be known for more upscale food and capture the hip audience that likes places like Chipotle. They will also be adding alcohol to their menus for the adults that enjoy a good double decker taco with a cold beer. 

It doesn’t say if they will be converting current locations or if they are just making the next 300 like this. But I’m sure if it starts to build popularity then they will be adopting it in all of their stores. As long as they never change their slogan back to “Run for the border” I think they will be ok. 

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