Take A Ride Underground With Elon Musk!

By 965koit on December 20, 2018

The first functional tunnel for Elon Musk’s Boring Company is almost done. It’s now in the final stages of being completed and they decided to let people go inside for a ride. Its not up to full speed yet but it still goes about 50mph. When it gets completed they said that riders can reach up to 150mph. Watching the car going so fast through the tunnel makes me anxious but knowing that it’s the computer and not someone actually driving makes me feel better.

This idea is kind of genius, but I think its one of those “before its time” kind of ideas that will never take off because the people in charge just aren’t ready for it. Hopefully I’m wrong and one day it will be as common as BART. Check out what it will look like once it gets up and going!

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