Tech Therapy Dog Receives ‘Honorary Doctorate’ For Helping Those With Mental Illness

By Hope Bidegainberry on May 27, 2020
Happy Golden Retriever portrait, outdoor

Therapy dogs are very hard-working dogs. They help people navigate their lives. It’s not easy being a service dog, and because of one dog’s loyalty and service, he was awarded an honorary doctorate degree.

This Labrador Retriever is graduating Virginia Tech’s class of 2020. He has provided lots of support to the struggles of students.

He has been a part of the vet college’s Cook Counseling Center. He has aided in more than 7,500 sessions. 

Besides helping students navigate trauma, anxiety, and other personal issues, this dog attends events such as football games and other activities.

The dog’s owner, is a licensed counselor and the founder of the school’s animal therapy program. 

This dog provides a safe and comforting force in  the room.

This dog is being recognized on campus for his help in breaking down the stigmatization surrounding mental health.

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