The “I Eat What You Eat” Rule.

By 965koit on June 19, 2019

It’s a simple rule. Whatever you eat, I also have to eat. That doesn’t mean the same EXACT thing but it does mean that if we stop at a fast food place we are both eating there. I don’t want to stop one place and get you something, then stop at another to get me something. My ability to eat pretty much anything makes this an easy compromise in Kristen & I’s relationship. Kristen tends to be a little more particular about the places she likes to eat, whereas I can eat anywhere and be happy.

At least once a month we have a quarrel (it’s not really a fight just a slight disagreement) about eating somewhere new or different. She always says “Well let’s just get something you like, then we will get something I like” and it drives me crazy. That’s not how this works. We both eat at the same place, that’s the rule. She often questions why I’ve made this a rule and I honestly don’t have a good excuse.

I blame it on how I was raised. The rule in the house was you ate what we had or you didn’t eat. It might also stem from me not wanting to be a burden or inconvenience to anyone. Which is also something I got from being raised in a house with 5 kids and being the baby that everyone hated. Plus it’s just easier! No ones food gets cold and we don’t have to wait in 2 lines.

When the time comes that I eat alone I tend to go a little crazy with freedom. I’ll go to a place she doesn’t like and get everything I’ve missed on the menu. I’m sure it frustrates her that I don’t just get the things I want but what can I say? I’ve got food issues.

Are there any weird rules in your house like this? Am I a total weirdo that should just eat what I like because YOLO?

BTW how good is Tommy’s burger?! She never wants to go there! SO GOOD!


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