The most believable phone scam ever!

By 965koit on October 14, 2019

Phone scams are getting more believable as time goes on. Most of the time you can tell right away that there is something suspicious about the person on the other end. Either their computer voice is easily recognized or they start asking you a ton of personal questions. All are red flags and you should hang up your phone right away.

The latest phone scam uses your own bank against you. According to Lifehacker, the scammers will call pretending to be your bank telling you that your account has been compromised. They will claim that someone has used your card number in another country or region. Once you confirm that you weren’t the one who made the purchase, they will offer to reset your account for you. That’s when they ask for you member number, which I guess it totally normal. Plus, hackers can’t use that number to get into your account. But it’s what happens next that gets you into trouble.

After they get your member number, they say that they are going to send you a text message with a code on it. Then they will ask you to read that number back to them. The text will come from your actual bank! They can use that number to reset your bank account password and login. The last step is getting your PIN number. They will inform you that they need your PIN in order to block the purchases made, but that’s all they need to finish getting your information.

Over the weekend I called a credit card company to activate my new account, they did this exact thing. They sent me a text and asked to me confirm the number. The difference is that I called them. Your bank will never call you with this information. If they do, tell them that you will call them back. Hang up the phone and call your bank. Most likely your bank will have no idea what you’re talking about.

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