This dog helping to treat hardworking healthcare employees with joy and care packages.

This Rottweiler and her owner would visit the hospital and cheer up the residents three days a week.

Once the coronavirus outbreak started this woman and her dog would use FaceTime conversations to offer some virtual comfort and relief to the staffers—but eventually thought of  something even better to help.

Since the doctors and nurses have been forced to wear gloves and masks around the clock, many of them have been developing rashes and skin irritation from the constant friction.

This woman and her dog then took to the internet and started asking their social media followers for donations to make “hero healing kits” with hydrating skin lotion, boxes of tea, baby powder, chapstick, chewing gum, and moisturizer for healthcare workers.

In just a few short weeks, the dynamic duo has raised thousands of dollars and collect hundreds of gift donations.

So far they have raised over 1,400 total kits, but are closer to +1,600 incomplete kits.