These Stray Dogs Rescued Each Other

By Hope Bidegainberry on June 12, 2020
Closeup of two cute dogs playing together in grassy field hugging while playing outdoors smiling

This dog was wondering this neighborhood, when a man stopped and he clearly knew the dog was a stray. No one was able to get close to the dog. The man would give him treats and then have to back away for the dog to eat them.

The man heard that this dog would run around with another loose dog in the neighborhood. One night the man saw both of the dogs together. He decided to throw them food and treats so the dogs would warm up to him. He named the shepherd looking one Francis, and the tan one Howard. One day, he decided to throw some food in the back of his car and Howard jumped right in, but Francis didn’t. He decided to take Howard home with him, and come back for Francis. But it never got to that. The next morning, the man went out to see how Howard was doing, and in his driveway was Francis. 

This man is helping get these two dogs loving homes! 

Watch video HERE.

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