They’re Serving What Type Of Ice Cream Sandwiches?!

By Hope Bidegainberry on August 2, 2019
Hot dog with mustard and ripple chips on plate with cola in background, shot with very shallow focus.

 National Mustard Day is tomorrow, and in case you missed it earlier this week, French’s created a mustard ice cream for the holiday, which they’ll serve tomorrow in New York City and L.A. Check it out HERE.

Now Oscar Mayer has fired back . . . with their OWN mustard ice cream.

They just announced that they’re going to be selling ice cream sandwiches made with, quote, “A hot dog-infused ice cream with real bits of candied hot dogs, served alongside spicy mustard ice cream.”  And the “buns” are made out of cookies.

The “Ice Dog Sandwiches” are coming out later this month. 

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