Things on Amazon you didn’t know you needed!

By on September 18, 2018

If you have Amazon Prime you know how convenient and inexpensive it is! Sometimes you buy things you need, but most of the time its things you don’t.  Here’s a list of things to check out to scratch that impulse buy itch!


If you got a little baby this is perfect for a little laugh!

Billy Bob Teethe Thumb Sucker Pacifier


This is an amazing idea! Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on new tile for your bathroom when you can just throw stickers on top of the time you already have!

Peel & Stick Floor Tile Decals


We’ve all had that idea that a truck bed would make an awesome swimming pool, finally, there’s a way to do it!

5.5 Ft Pick-up Pool (Short Bed)


Only ones who are truly worthy can wield this meat tenderizer!


We’ve all been there! Had to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and are blinded by the bathroom light. With a glow in the dark toilet seat, you can keep the light off be right back in bed after doing your business!


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