Things To Know Before You Go To Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge!

By 965koit on July 23, 2019

I finally made it to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at the Disneyland Resort! It was all I wanted it to be and more. I saw almost every character that they have at the park including Chewbacca, Rey and several Stormtroopers. The only one I didn’t see was Kylo-Ren and that’s OK with me because he scares me. As a huge Star Wars fan there were so many little things that Disney did that truly excited me. I should let you know that Disneyland paid for us to fly down and experience the park first hand. So technically this blog can be considered an ad, however they didn’t ask me to write this and I’m not required to do or say anything. I’m honestly a huge fan of the park and the experience I had there. Alright, now that I got that out of the way let’s get NERDY!

Now that I’m back from Batuu there are some things I want to share with you before you go. These are a few tips and hidden secrets I found while I was in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

  1. If you can afford it, build your own Lightsaber. This was easily the best experience I had while I was in the park for 2 days. Although I had watched at least 10 videos on YouTube about the whole process, it was still exciting and fun. It costs $215 after taxes and you get to choose from 4 different sets to build from. I chose the Power and Defense set because I’m a huge fan of the old Star Wars legends. The other 3 are sets including Power & Control (the dark side set), Elemental Nature & Peace and Justice (the Jedi set). Making the choice was actually pretty hard for me but luckily I was able to look before I chose. 
    BONUS TIP – If you approach the workers at the shop before your appointment comes up they can show you all the sets in person. They will be on edge though because they are watching out for the first order. So they will show you each set hidden in a drawer that you can touch and look at closely before you make your big decision. This is much better than the pictures you see at the register so get there a little early.  


  2. Don’t go straight to Smuggler’s Run when the park opens. If you can wait a bit to go on the Millennium Falcon then I highly recommend doing other things first. One morning when we were let into the park really early, the line for Smugglers Run was INSANE. People were lined up all the way through Galaxy’s Edge and it’s pretty big. By noon, the line was back to normal and the wait was about an hour. Obviously a fast past would be a great idea, so if you can grab one of those really early I would do that instead. 
  3. Download the Disney Play app. If you want to interact with things in the park then you are going to need this app. It’s a little complicated honestly and I didn’t take a super deep dive into it, but the little I did figure out was fun. There are little panels every where in the park that light up and with the app you can “hack” them and make them blink and make noise. Doing this earns you points on the app that can earn you the title of “Master Hacker.” That may also attract the Stormtroopers to you when they walk by. Some how they know about the things you do on the app! While most of the panels are the same there are a couple that do things that are REALLY cool. For example, you can hack the X-Wing that they have in the park. When you do that the engines start to rev and smoke starts to come out of the sides. Plus on almost all of the boxes lying around you can see a code that looks a lot like a QR code. That’s because it is. You can scan it with the Play app and get a little digital gift. 
  4. Make Appointments EARLY. At this point in the park, appointments are required to do almost every thing. Including the Oga’s Cantina and building your own Lightsaber. You can only make your appointments the day of and registration opens at 7am. So make sure you have an account on and that you have attached a credit card. That will make the process go by really fast and easy and you can do it all ahead of time. I saw a lot of people get turned away from the Cantina because they didn’t have an appointment. If that’s the only day you are spending there, you are going to be disappointed because you won’t be allowed in. Although it is a bar you only have to be 14 or over to go inside. 
  5. Try the Rondo Wrap. It sound weird and you aren’t really sure if it’s going to taste good but you would be VERY wrong. There are a lot of food options in the park but the one thing I tried was the Rondo Wrap and it blew my mind. It was a turkey sausage wrapped in pita bread and other things. I’m drooling thinking about it right now, it was so weird and tasty! 
  6. Try Blue & Green milk. If you are with someone you should each get a different color of milk because they are different flavors. The consistency is very slush like but with less ice and more cream. The blue has a coconut vibe to it and the green tastes a little like Guava. It’s really hard to choose which one I liked best so you can’t go wrong with either one. 
  7. Visit the Droid Depot. Even if you decide not to build your very own droid, the depot is a cool place to see. Plus you can meet R2-D2! We love our little droid and if you do build one he or she interacts with things in the park randomly. You may walk by a Stormtrooper and it might make a sound or it can interact with other droids around the park.  

There are also a ton of hidden secrets all over the park as well! Every corner is filled with something from the movies or shows and even the lore. It was just a really cool and fun experience for me and I hope that with these tips you too can have a lot of fun.



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