Things daddy’s do for their baby

By 965koit on October 28, 2019

My alarm went off at 3am this morning, like it always does. When my feet touched the ground I was greeted with soreness. My legs, arms & shoulders were all tight and stiff as I walked slowly to the bathroom to get ready for the day. Apparently, lifting heavy things doesn’t agree with my body as much as it used too. No, I didn’t go to the gym for the first time in 10 years.

Lilly’s room was starting to feel smaller and smaller because she is growing. Her toy collection is growing as well a her curiosity and mobility. She is crawling all over the place now! The room she was in is the smallest of 3 rooms that we have in the house, and it was time to move. Originally we had her in the bigger spare bedroom, but when the heat hit the bay area we had to move her into the smaller room with a window air conditioner. Now that it’s cooled down we decided, at the last minute on Sunday, to move her back to the bigger room.

Kristen grabbed baby Lilly and distracted her for a couple hours while I moved all of the furniture out of her room and into the other. At the same time moved the furniture in the other room, into her room. There really wasn’t much to move but it was all HEAVY. I don’t know what they make cribs out of but it’s dense! Plus, it was too wide to fit through the door. So I had to take it apart, move it and then remember how to reassemble it. Same goes with the guest bed in the other room. Most of the 2 hours was spent reassembling and yelling at inanimate objects (and about 2 minutes of crying because I stubbed my toe REALLY hard).

After about 2 hours, Lilly was ready to go down for her nap. By the time she started to get fussy, I was done. She had a brand new, bigger room that she can run around and play in. I was happy to get it all done in a couple of hours but my body would not agree.


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