Toddler left alone for 10 minutes eats 18 yogurts

By 965koit on October 25, 2019
5 years old little girl making gingerbread cookies

A woman told her story about her toddler and now it’s going viral. You can head the whole thing here.

She lives in England and has a 3-year old daughter who loves yogurt. She loves it so much that when she was left alone for only ten minutes, she ate 18 cups of Yoplait’s yogurt in a single sitting.

The mom said she just went into the backyard to grab something, and when she came back in, the toddler had eaten all the yogurt they had in the house.

The worst part was the loss of good yogurt because the little girl was fine…just full afterward.

So we asked on our Facebook page

The answers were eye-opening, and terrifying to us as new parents!

Why are so many kids eating change?

At least a cockroach is good protein, right?

That’s it…I’m never letting Lilly leave the house.

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