Top 10 Rules Parents Have For Their Kids

By 965koit on June 5, 2019

What were the rules of your house when you were a kid?

Here are just some of the rules I had in my house.

I had to come home when the street lights came on.

I couldn’t watch The Simpsons, because my mom thought Bart Simpson was vulgar.

I had to be involved in at least one creative and one physical activity.

I couldn’t have a phone in my room.

Are any of these hitting home with you? Are you going to use the same rules you grew up on with your kids?

The answer is probably no.

According to a new survey,  54% of parents in the U.S, plan to be more relaxed about the rules than their parents were. The survey also looked into the top ten best house rules for kids.

1.  Always say “please” and “thank you.”  Half of the parents go out of their way to make this a priority in their house. The other half is raising brats, apparently!

2.  Always be kind, 49%. Again, who are the parents who aren’t teaching this?

3.  Before you can play, you have to finish your homework, 48%.

4.  46% of parents make kids put things back where they found them. I’m trying to teach this to Lilly early.

5.  Clean the table after dinner, 46%.

6.  Having dinner together as a family, 44%.

7.  No phones at the table, 41%.

8.  Help carry the groceries in, 37%. This is great because it makes the kids feel like their helping.

9.  No yelling, 36%.

10.  You can’t go to bed angry, 34%.

Do you have these rules in your house?

In addition to these top ten rules for the house, 52% said their kids have a curfew.  The most common time is 8:30 PM.

What rules should be added to this list?



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