Town Cats: Garfield

By Hope Bidegainberry on May 15, 2018
Garfield is an adorable orange and white tabby who has recently survived a very rough abandonment. Despite this, he is gentle and affectionate and simply craves a loving home. He is extremely sweet and never holds a grudge when humans have to mess with him. In fact, he rolls over and begs to have his tummy rubbed to show how thankful he is for any attention. His pale wintergreen eyes and the adoration that he shows when he looks at you are absolutely heartwarming. Still, he is very independent and never demanding, just hoping for a tummy tickle and a whisker rub when you have the time. He loves passing out with his belly and paws up in the air while watching relaxing Cat TV videos on You Tube. He’s also an adept mouse hunter as he was a working cat before his rescue. Please consider giving this huge hearted boy a chance with you. Watch Garfield live in his foster home at and see for yourself how wonderful he is.
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