The Trick To Eating Less At Restaurants

By 965koit on July 30, 2018

When I was growing up my mom used to make me clear my plate before I left the table. I’ve taken that into my adult life with me and will often eat everything just because I think its rude to leave food on the plate. If you do this as well, there is a trick we can use to prevent us from doing this in the future.

Researchers did an experiment on people who ate at restaurants where they gave people a to-go box right away and didn’t offer a to-go box to the others. The study showed that if you have the box in front of you while you eat, you will eat less food. By having that option in front of you the whole time you don’t feel the pressure to eat everything on your plate.

So the trick is to ask for the to-go box when you order your food so that it’s there as your eating. When your full, put the rest in the box and take it home! Ta-DA!


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