Trick-Or-Treater For HIRE!

By 965koit on October 18, 2018

Are you going to be busy this Halloween? Maybe your kids have grown out of going Trick-or-Treating or just want to go with their friends. If you are sitting at home this year why not think about starting your own “Kid Walking” business. Ok it sounds weird when you say it like that but there is a woman in England that is looking to hire someone to take her kids out for Halloween. Basically, she wants you to walk them around the neighborhood from door to door so they can trick-or-treat.

She is a single mother and it’s TERRIFIED of Halloween. She has really bad anxiety and because of that has never taken her 3 kids out for Halloween. She has a 9yr old, 7yr  old and a 3yr old. She isn’t asking you to do it for free either, she actually pays pretty well. The offer is $65 an hour for about 4 hours of walking around. So you can earn a nice chunk of change for walking around collecting candy, they might even let you eat some (BONUS!).

I’m sure you’re not going to fly to England for this but it does sound like a great new business venture. Especially if you are kidless or if they have out grown it. Why not enjoy it with someone else’s kid for a bunch of money?! You’re welcome. I get 10%


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