The Trivia APP that runied my life “HQ”

By 965koit on February 7, 2018

Are you playing HQ?  It’s a free app that offers a trivia game with cash prizes… at least $2500, 2 times per day.   To win all or a portion of the money  you have to answer all 12 trivia questions correctly.  Easy right?

The questions start off simple and then get harder as you get further in the game.  The game is hosted by Scott Rogowsky, a comedian, writer and likeable all around wise guy.  The game is played at 12pm and 6pm every day (PST).  Our family is addicted to this game!  We get together and play almost every day!  If you make it to the end…you split the prize money with all the winners.  I’ve seen people win $100 and $8.  It doesn’t matter, this game is not about winning the cash, it’s about answering all the questions correctly, live with over a million other friends.  Check it out and get ready to have fun with your family and friends and ruin your schedule!  You’ll be tuning in every day at 6pm around the dinner table, good luck!!

PS, use Terikoit for referral and send me a life,  I could use it!!  LOL

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