The “TRIX” You Know & Love Is Back!

By 965koit on October 2, 2018

You’re probably thinking “But Nick, that’s a picture of Fruit Loops. Trix doesn’t look like that” and my response to that is, Trix doesn’t look like Trix! (Also, that’s the only image I have the legal right to use). Have you seen Trix lately? It’s just little different colored balls. THAT’S NOT TRIX! Trix was shaped like the different types of fruit that it didn’t taste like because they are all the same flavor.

That’s why the silly rabbit was always after the cereal, because it looked like real fruit but it tasted like candy! That’s every kid (and rabbits) dream come true. Well good news! Trix will now start to look like it used to because they are bringing back the fruit shapes. FINALLY!

They stopped making them look like fruit in 2006 and since then they have received over 20,000 requests to bring them back, mainly from me. So they decided to bring them back and call them, WAIT FOR IT…..

Classic Trix Fruity Shapes.

They should be in stores soon!

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