Trying to Lose Weight? Don’t do THIS!

By 965koit on August 7, 2019
Cropped shot of a fit young woman measuring her waist in a gym

The cause of weight gain?

Being in a romantic relationship!

According to a new survey, 79% of respondents say they have gained weight since they started dating their significant other.

The survey also revealed that the average person gained 36 pounds since their relationship began.


So what’s the reason?

It’s because you’re eating out more. 42% said that dining out was the reason for their weight gain. Another 34% blamed ordering takeout, and an additional 64% said that simply feeling secure and not feeling pressure to look their best was a contributing factor too.

What if you get married? Will you lose weight?


57% of people said they gained weight during their first year of marriage, at an average of 17 pounds. Men said they gained 22 pounds, while women said they gained 13 pounds.

Of those people that gained weight, over half say they’ve been trying to lose it, but it’s not more than they’re gaining. The average loss for one year was 16 pounds.

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