Two Bay Area Cities Named Top 10 Best Big Cities to Live In

By 965koit on July 26, 2018

A new study found the best big cities to live in based on a whole bunch of factors (56 to be exact) like cost of living, commute times, things to do, weather, crime, etc.

Lucky for us we live in or near two of the top 10 best big cities to live in!

The study ranked 62 of the biggest cities in the country from best to worst.

Here’s the top ten list:

  1. Seattle
  2. Virginia Beach
  3. Austin
  4. San Francisco
  5. San Diego
  6. Honolulu
  7.  Portland
  8. San Jose
  9. Colorado Springs
  10. New York City

Numbers 4 & 8 are definitely not a bad deal!

If you want to see who ranked the worst big city you can read the full list here.

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