Vegas Lights Dimmer After Game 4 Vs The San Jose Sharks

By 965koit on May 3, 2018

Game 4 was last KNIGHT and the San Jose Sharks shut out the Vegas Golden Knights 4-0. If you haven’t been following, we sent some fun videos talking smack to our friends Mercedes & JC in Las Vegas on Mix 94.1 and also our friends at 8 News Now.

We made a bet with Mercedes and JC that if the Sharks win we would wear Knights jerseys for a week and post on social media every day. If they beat the Knights then they would have to do the same with a Sharks jersey. So we are going to call them today and find out their jersey sizes.

With our friends at channel 8 we sent them some fun facts about Sharks just so they can study up. And they were awfully confident before last nights game. Lets see if they have anything to say this morning.

It seems like all the Knights fans were pretty confident before last night. Although it’s been awfuly quiet this morning.


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