Veteran becomes Physicist thanks to YouTube

By 965koit on December 17, 2019

This morning for our Feel Good Moment of the Morning we talk about Joshua. If you like hearing good news, listen week day mornings at 5:30am 0r 7am. Joshua has a really interesting story that will motivate you to learn something new.

You can see his whole story in this video, but if you don’t want to watch I have summed up his story below.

Joshua was in High School when 9-11 happened and it inspired him to join the military. He got his GED and enlisted as soon as he could. After 3 deployments to Iraq Joshua came back home to Virginia where he felt lost. On top of suffering from PTSD he felt as though he lacked purpose.

After working as a janitor at a high school he was cleaning the library when a gold book stood out to him. It was Stephen Hawking’s A brief history of time. Joshua had always been interested in space and after reading the book he decided that he was going to pursue becoming a Physicist like Hawking.

Joshua only had a 10th grade education but he would study while he worked his overnight security job. He would watch YouTube educational videos and taught himself math. Eventually he was accepted to Radford University, but he found out he had forgotten to learn trigonometry. He didn’t even know it existed but he plead with the admissions office to let him into the Calculus class he needed. Promising he would learn trigonometry in 3 weeks to be prepared for the class. He prepared for his entrance exam by watching dozens of YouTube videos to learn advanced mathematics and not only did he pass with flying colors, he continued his math education and graduated as one of the top students in his class.

Joshua is now a physicist like he planned on and lives his dream every day. What have you learned from YouTube?

Speaking of the unexplained…did you see that the new Ghostbusters trailer is out?!

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