Vote For Us!

By 965koit on June 7, 2019

It’s that time of the year again where we beg for your love and affection! We are very fragile people that have a need for people to love us. Could it be we weren’t hugged as kids? Maybe it’s because we feel like one day our bosses are going to wake up and realize that we aren’t very good at our jobs. We aren’t sure what it is, all we know is that we hunger for acceptance and approval.

We are competing against teams and personalities that have been in the Bay area for over 20 years! Although we have been here for 3 years we are still the rookies. The Noobs. The Greenhorns. The Meats (as Kruk and Kuip would say). But we really feel like we belong here and absolutely love the Bay. We hope to spend many years here and one day we will be the 20 year veterans.

One way that you can help is by voting for us! If our bosses see that people like us, we may be able to keep the wool over their eyes for a couple more years. It literally takes a minute and they don’t require any of your info! If not for us, do it for baby Lilly so that she can have parents that she can be proud of (Ok, that was laying it on a little too thick, but you get the point).


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