Want a Healthier Kid? Take This Away From Them

By 965koit on August 6, 2019

Preschool children are normally around four or five years old and those are the handful years!

They’re so full of energy and as parents, it can be hard keeping up with them. So it’s tempting to buy them a small TV to keep in their room.

But a new study finds that too much TV in the bedroom of a preschool child will cause big problems later in life.

Some of the problems include depression, aggressive behavior, and poor physical health.

What’s the reason why?

It turns out that during this age, children should be engaging in productive developmental activities and exploring social interactions and making physical developments. If they’re watching TV during that time, it stunts their physical and mental growth. This change will lead them on the path to seating a poor diet creating weight and social issues later in life.

During this study, the researcher’s found having a TV in the bedroom at the age of four makes children much more likely to deal with unhealthy eating habits, a high BMI, social problems with peers, higher than average levels of emotional distress, depression, victimization tendencies, and physical aggression later on in adolescence. The study‚Äôs authors say they accounted for and eliminated any individual or family factors that may have skewed their results.

Does your little one have a TV in their room?


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