Want to be Happier? Do This One Thing

By 965koit on September 11, 2017

Want to be happier? There is something that you can do right now to feel better.

So what’s that one thing? It’s making your bed!

According to a new study, 59% of us don’t make their beds while 27% actually do. Then there is the 12% of people who actually PAY people to make their bed.

The interesting part of this study is that 71% of people who make their beds classify themselves as “happy” while 62% of non-bed-makers say they’re “unhappy”.

Bed makers are also more likely to own property, exercise, like their jobs and feel well rested. Non-bed-makers tend to rent, avoid the gym, hate their jobs and wake up tired. 

For more info on this study, click here.

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