Want To Lose Weight? Eat Dessert.

By 965koit on March 5, 2019
Portrait of a cheerful girl eating chocolate

That headline doesn’t make sense right? If I’m trying to lose weight wouldn’t eating dessert make everything worse? Or maybe you’re thinking “I eat dessert every day and I’m not losing any weight, what they heck Nick! Why are you lying to me?!”

There is a catch of course. If you want to lose weight you should eat dessert FIRST. It sounds weird (and awesome) but there is some science to back it up as well. Researchers monitored people eating at a cafeteria and switched around the way they offered desserts. Some times they would let people choose their desserts before their food, and other times they would make them choose after. Over the course of the study people consumed 70% less calories when they ate dessert first!

But why? The main reason is that we all know dessert is bad for us so when we choose our meal after we tend to eat healthier or order less. Instead of getting that big plate of pasta and then deciding some ice cream would top you off nicely. Try ice cream first, then maybe you’ll only eat half the pasta. Either way you get dessert right? Might as well try it.

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